How do you prepare for changing the world?

This Saturday ‘the267project’ will be leading around 60 young people out into St Albans town centre to perform a vast array of ‘random acts of kindness’. Our team is ready for the event but I am hoping that St Albans will be far from prepared and will stunned into asking numerous questions as to why a bunch of teenagers would rather be doing this on a Saturday than anything else more age appropriate!

I truly believe that this sort of almost covert evangelism can be incredibly powerful. It isn’t like we are tricking people into a conversation about Jesus but that we are highlighting the fact that Jesus is about loving people rather than religion and rules.

And for the 60 young people we are working with, giving out balloons to children, offering a free car wash, giving hand massages and offering free refreshments is much easier than talking about Jesus! The irony is that in doing these acts of kindness for the day they will be speaking more about Jesus than any sermon or two minute testimony may ever achieve.

The reason i believe we need to be prepared to change the world is because this sort of event can change peoples understanding of something. I remember last year speaking about the ‘transaction of grace’ and that people weren’t wired to receive something for free and it messed with their head in an uncomfortable way. Our aim isn’t to make people uncomfortable but it is to show the power of grace and loving people no matter who they are, what their situation is and whether they feel they are deserving of such a gift.

So if you find yourself wanting to see a small part of the world changed then join us Saturday for ‘Love St Albans’ and God’s grace at work in a new way.

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