2000 Acts of Kindness

2000 Acts of Kindness!

What would you do if a teenager came up to you and gave you a flower? Or a cupcake? Or gave your child a balloon? Well last Saturday at our ‘Love Harpenden’ event we found out!

Almost entirely people were, as we’d hoped, momentarily speechless and joyfully blessed! It became apparent early on in the day that people are not ready to receive something for free, much less something as lovely as a flower or a cupcake. So as around 900 flowers, 600 balloons, 300 cupcakes, 30 hand massages, 75 free car washes, 100’s of smoothies and ice creams and numerous bubbles and smiles were given away we got to witness the incredible and perpetuating power of the ‘random act of kindness’!  

And if the way in which we brightened the day of a massive amount of people wasn’t enough, I got to see our team of young leaders truly live out their calling as disciples of Jesus. Often without words and sometimes for only a matter of seconds, I witnessed them love people, strangers, in a way which i believe will have a profound effect for months to come.

On Saturday we were the church, we were the body of Christ, we were light in dark places and we were bringing joy and love to people. 

What I witnessed was hope in the form of this current generation, hope that the church and faith in Jesus still has a real power in the world, if only, like happened last Saturday, we forget ourselves, leave our buildings, show love and simply be with people.

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