What does boldness look like?

I have watched all series of The West Wing a few times and many episodes stick in my mind. There were a couple of episodes where the advisors to the President where discussing whether as part of their election campaign they could tell people they could ‘cure cancer in 10 years’! Now admittedly they would have the resources to attempt this but it would’ve been a very bold statement indeed. 

So as I write this I am choosing to say for the267project that we are entering ‘a year of boldness’, what does this mean I hear you say! Well I believe God has been blessing our ministry in massive way and I think we are at a time where certain things seem to be falling into place but also I feel I need to rise the challenges we face with a sense of, well, boldness!

This ‘boldness’ has a few elements, some for me personally, some for the project as a whole and some for me in my role as Director of the project. Firstly, we want to be bolder in speaking out about our faith and at the same time encouraging and preparing young people and kids to do the same. We are praying this will shape how we use our ‘FUEL’ events and also what we do with our time next summer. Secondly, I want to be bolder in speaking to our supporters and asking for their prayers and finances. Talking about money has never been my strong point but as Director I feel I need to be much bolder as these supporters have chosen to support us but also God has opened up doors into new places where people seem willing to journey with us. Thirdly, I want the project to be bolder because of the influence God has given us. I want to encourage and resource those God gives us, I do not want to pick and choose who I work with but simply thank God for everyone and seek with all my energy how I may build them and their ministry up.

The Apostle Paul spoke these words to his apprentice Timothy; “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline”. It shouldn’t matter that I ‘feel’ timid because we are not just talking about me, we are talking about the Spirit of God and all He brings. If the267project, and the local church, is to be all that God has called us to be, as we worship together but also as we engage with our communities, if we are to do this then we need to speak, act and move with ‘power, love and self-discipline’. 

This may seem like an overly bold statement, but hey I’ve said it now; this is our ‘year of boldness’, I’d love you all to hold me to it, support us in it, pray for us during it and celebrate throughout it. Paul spoke to Timothy these words as he needed to release Timothy into the next phase of his ministry and he needed Timothy to enter it fully aware that God will go ahead of him and dwell in him with power but also with boldness!

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