Struggling to Breathe!

2 Samuel 22:20 He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. 

I am thankful for the fact that I have never ‘nearly drowned’. But I am aware of the panic and rising fear that is present the time I did get into a little bit of difficulty during a surfing trip. 

This blog isn’t about swimming, surfing or indeed the time I ‘almost drowned’! I want to write about the panic and rising fear that sometimes consumes me when I feel like I am not where God wants me to be. These words from 2 Samuel are a prayer, even a cry for help, in the times when I am most lost. They are a prayer that reminds me that God’s whole aim is to have me in a place where I am free, where I do not experience the feelings of restraint or duress. This obviously does not mean that i will not face challenge or frustration but it does mean that i can experience a contentment that is not based on my current situation, but based on my relationship with God.

There are many things to be said for ‘being in a spacious place’, we can breathe easier, we can see things more clearly, we can become more aware of what is approaching and what has just gone, and we also have time to survey our surroundings and then choose where and when to move. I truly believe that God at times encourages us, or drags us kicking and screaming, into spacious places. However I arrive at these places i need to stop and give thanks. It is clear God is a rescuing God and that God delights in me, these two simple truths should tell me everything i need to know about what God thinks of me. 

So if the idea of being ‘dragged kicking and screaming by God’ isn’t something you would choose to experience then maybe seek Him and ask Him to take you somewhere, somewhere where there is space. And then in this space maybe take the hint that God needs you to rest, to reflect, to spend time with Him. 

If it helps head to a place that is more spacious that you are used to, a hill or mountain, a beach, even a large park. I honestly believe that taking time to be in these ‘spacious places’ will restore you in a way you cannot imagine but more than that this time will enable you to meet with God and face to face discover just what it means for the Creator of the universe to delight in YOU!

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