The Haven

Life can be stressful and sometimes anxiety can get out of hand…

The Haven is a monthly support group, providing a safe space for those young people (aged 12+) who are dealing with stress and anxiety. This group can help you to learn practical tools to help you manage and reduce your anxiety levels and connect with other people who understand what you are experiencing.

See our Events page for a full listing of up-coming Haven sessions in both St Albans and Harpenden.



“a weekend away with your youth group is like having a whole years worth of youth ministry opportunities in one place”

267 is unashamedly eager, fervent and even pumped-up about the possibilities a residential weekend away gives, to both young people, kids and their leaders. We realise that not all churches have the resources to provide this on their own, so we provide a feast of different options for churches to bring their groups to.

Upcoming Residentials


Providing authentic and safe worship spaces for young people can be a challenge for groups with limited numbers.  FUEL aims to provide a high-energy, contemporary, creative experience for youth groups to link into, school Years 7 onwards, the opportunity to connect with the wider church community and a safe space to encounter God in a fresh way.

With two regional hubs, (Christ Church in St Albans and High Street Methodist in Harpenden) your youth group can choose between venues on a bi-monthly basis or they can come to both gatherings.

Fuel Dates

Core Roadshow

After 3 Core events over the past 18 months we are feeling called to grow the Core Ministry by ‘taking it on the road’. We want it to be as easy as possible for churches to be resourced and encouraged in their youth and children’s ministry, no matter how new, how fragile or how small (or big) it is.

So from September 2017 we would like to visit around 5 or 6 churches and have them HOST a Core Roadshow event.

267 will bring the training, ideas, resources and encouragement. All you need to do is provide a room and refreshments, and then to share the event with all the churches in your area.

There is a poster here which will give you information about the topic, date and location of our next Core Roadshow event.

Core roadshow

Project Advocate

In order for the work of the267project to continue, links need to be created with churches/organisations. This is where the Project Advocate comes in – someone who believes in the project, is willing to promote it and who can be a crucial ‘link’ in the network.

The role of a project advocate is to ensure that our ‘Project Information & Track Record’ document is read by key youth, children’s workers and decision makers with a view to raising awareness of 267, expanding its network, ascertaining the needs it can meet and to help with funding.

Please click below for an information sheet on how to become a Project Advocate

Information Sheet